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April 29, 2012
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MM NPC: Arashi Miyazaki by lacelazier MM NPC: Arashi Miyazaki by lacelazier

:bulletblue: Name Arashi Miyazaki
:bulletblue: Occupation Working Student
:bulletblue: Age 19 years old
:bulletblue: Gender Male
:bulletblue: Nationality: Japanese
:bulletblue: Height 6'0"
:bulletblue: Weight 157 lbs

:bulletblue: Likes
    - Hanging out with his "bros"
    - Space and anything and everything related to it.
    - Supernatural stuff, like aliens.
    - Science and science fiction.
    - Video games.
    - Food, and eating lots of it.
    - Martial arts.

:bulletblue: Dislikes
    - Sports. It's not that he hates it, he's just not interested enough.
    - Math. He likes Science, but not Math. He also dislikes Language. And the person who teaches Language.
    - Girly men. He feels awkward around them.
    - His father. But he doesn't really have a choice now.
    - The feeling of hunger.

:bulletblue: Personality

Carefree, impulsive, but dedicated, once Arashi set his goals in life, he will do all he can to achieve it. He is moody though, and gets too easily annoyed. He is a very energetic person with a strong love for uplifting the ideals of a "true man". He may put up a strong, uncaring facade sometimes, but deep inside he does care.

:bulletblue: History

Once a very energetic but rowdy child, Arashi is the type of boy who comes home from the playground with cuts and injuries from playing too much with the other kids, but he pays no mind to them as long as he had fun. He grew up with a loving mother, but not-so-loving father, as upon losing his job, he has resorted to alcohol to alleviate his frustrations. And if that was not enough, he would resort to hurting his mother, which made Arashi very angry at his father.

He went through his school years with average grades, but not-so-average dreams. Upon being introduced to a book on outer space and astronauts when he was younger, he dreamed of being one of them. He had a burning passion to become strong enough to protect the people he loved, especially his mother. When the time came that their father had left them, Arashi felt it was good riddance, but he promised to take care of himself and his mother, and would strive to become a man unlike his father.

After much effort in his studies, he receives a high enough score in the entrance exam to merit a scholarship from Higashimori High School, although he has to keep his grades up to maintain it.

To help with the expenses at home, he does a bit of part-time work on weekends.

:bulletblue: Trivias
    - He is a mama's boy, and won't deny it.
    - "Fighting with your fists is the best way to go!"
    - His favorite food is taiyaki.
    - His favorite video games include Assassin's Creed and Tekken. He saved up to buy the consoles.
    - His mother works as a florist in Kirimori City.
    - He is a homophobe due to a traumatic experience in his middle school days where he confessed to a girl he thought was a girl, but was actually a boy. This crushed him.
    - His part-time jobs include selling tickets in the cinema or the zoo, selling hotdogs, or being a convenience store clerk, and who knows, maybe even more.

Feel free to RP with him! I wanted to try Arashi in the world of Morphos Metaphor, so yeah.
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