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May 26, 2013
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MM: Eurydice's Wardrobe by lacelazier MM: Eurydice's Wardrobe by lacelazier

I did the Outfit Meme for Eurydice this time, bless my little Barbie doll :icongtthplz: I really love drawing her! She is so fun to draw with her pale skin and abundant hair, haha :heart: This one took me quite a while, I thought I'd never finish, but I did, and I like how it came out! I even tried a slightly different method of coloring, so I hope it's alright! :heart:

Anyway, here's the explanation for each! :iconjunesplz: This also goes to show to prove that I can put Eurydice in SOMETHING ELSE THAT IS NOT LIGHT BLUE :icontearplz: !!!

:bulletblue: Uniform

Pretty self-explanatory, this is her usual appearance at school, but I took her second app's look instead of the first one. Getting rid of that wheelchair, she slowly learned to stand up for herself *ba-dum-tss--* which I chose to show in a sliiiightly more daring outfit. I'm kidding. Nothing much changed except for the show of leg in the stockings. Oh and that is her everyday bag! Light blue, frilly, cute, feminine -- containing everything she needs. I'd say it's very fitting!

:bulletblue: Casual

This would be a pink version of the light blue dress that she usually wears. Cherry red shoes are really nice, and she loves high heel shoes despite her already tall height of 5'9", towering over most Japanese women in class. She first wore this in RP at a pre-Valentine's date with Ku Xin.

:bulletblue: Formal

I've always had this dress design in my head for many years but I never really got to draw it down until now. I'd say one of the Carel's symbols were roses (see: Dimitri Carel = red rose -omg he's not gay or anythin'- / Alize Carel = blue rose ), Eury's would be white, but for this one I made it a soft purplish periwinkle color just because it fits the nice midnight blue of the main part of the dress. It's a color of midnight blue, periwinkle, and silver to reflect the night sky. Perfect evening gown! *ba-dum-tss omg*. She first wore this in a formal dinner conference RP whatever-you-call-them-gatherings with Yuichi Tatsuo. As for her really long hair, it still eludes me as to how it is possible to pin up all dat hair, but I figured if it's braided and twisted it would be possible! Can't dance with long hair, she might trip over it.

:bulletblue: Traditional

At first I thought of drawing a French court ball gown but that is too poofy it might not fit the box :iconmingplz: (Or it's just my excuse to not draw something very detailed). But she does love Japanese culture so I tried to fit her slender foreign figure in a kimono that would prooobably look awkward much if you see it in real life, but not really (because there is a difference between the body type of Europeans and Asians and I've read somewhere that it might not look so good on a foreigner but anyway-- I tried my best). I got the patterns from dA o//u//o since I was too lazy to make my own and I just combined a few. This would be what she would wear in festivals, such as the Hanami festival, where she went with Antares Virtus. I like the little fur thing over the shoulders but I admit I didn't do my research, I just put it there because it looked pretty :iconureshiiplz:

:bulletblue: Sleepwear

She actually dresses really conservatively most of the time but for sleepwear it's mostly simple and cute and comfortable. Long dresses make your legs too warm, and it feels awkward when you even got a blanket over it so something comfy is always good! And bunny slippers! Forever kawaii. When she goes out of her room, she wears a robe because a lady must be decent at all times :heart: Eury holding a pillow around reminds me of a certain RP though haha-- /snrk/ As for her hair, no braids or anything so she can sleep more relaxed.

:bulletblue: Swimwear

I found this cool swimsuit design somewhere online during my search with :iconcherubchan: and it was just soo cute and I had to use it (Ok my love for clothes is showing...). The slippers were my favorite touch on it, haha :heart: I don't think she'll be able to swim with this anyway because she can't swim :iconshameplz: So this is all just for the modelling thing haha~

:bulletblue: Special

Sukeban Eury! For those who don't know, banchou are for guys, and sukeban are for girls. Basically female gang boss... or at least I tried. Actually, she just borrowed Ashley Alencar's clothes :iconureshiiplz: She stuffed all the hair in the bonnet and wore shades, grabbed a stick of Pocky and borrowed clothes from Ashley's closet, and voila~! Hahaha-- Ok, I just... I had to make it possible that she can be drawn in a way that she is not ladylike for the special lD I doubt she can beat up anyone though :iconshameplz:

Wow I rambled too much for each hahaha, thanks for reading all the way! ^ 7 ^ ) Let me know what your favorite one is, I'm curious~! :heart:

Eurydice Carel belongs to me
Made in SAI
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dCTb Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
hnngh casual, formal, traditional  and sleepwear wow i may be late to say this but she's such a babe and I love how long her hair is
lacelazier Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013

Q///v///Q )
Defying-Destiny Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*Throws pokeball at the Eury the fashion pokemon*
I love the special one; she should wear that all the time. XDD
:iconyamatoshock: *Intimidated* :iconhomerhide-plz:
lacelazier Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
LOLOL amg fashion pokemon lD

The special one is.. well.. special OEO...

If she wears it all the time, Ashley will run out of clothes LMAO
Snow-the-Wanderer Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
Sooo cuuteee :iconrlytearplz:
GAAAHHHH Love all the designs but I'm really fond of her casual - loves the colours and simple design! ;7;
Favourite is definitely the traditional, it's too lovely not too QwQ <3
lacelazier Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
Aww Snow thank you ;v; <33333
Snow-the-Wanderer Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Not a problem at all! :icondesireyouplz:
CamiIIe Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
omg leysuuu those smexy poses and outfits of eury!! :iconamgtouchplz: I want them!!! adljsdlkjaads
lacelazier Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
Sobs awwww you're too nice Camii
Ushimipan Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sao pretty~ *7* Amg, I wanna draw mine again now, curse you~!!! :iconsparklesplz::icondurrhurrheeplz::iconsparklesplz:
And maybe her hair is all pinned up like this~? 'S nicey nice~ [link]
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