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December 29, 2012
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MM: Eurydice Carel (Outdated) by lacelazier MM: Eurydice Carel (Outdated) by lacelazier

:bulletblue: Secondary Character :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Initial Character Sheet :bulletblue: Eurydice Carel by lacelazier

:bulletblue: Full Name: Eurydice Nicolette Carel
:bulletblue: Age: 16 years old
:bulletblue: Gender: Female
:bulletblue: Year Level: First Year
:bulletblue: Height: 5'9"
:bulletblue: Weight: 125 lbs
:bulletblue: Nationality: French-English
:bulletblue: Likes:
    :new: - Ice cream - Cooking - Dressing up - Slumber parties - Balls and dancing - The view of the ocean - Princess Tutu. She has a love for ballet as well, but because of her condition, she never learned how to dance. - Puppies, kittens, rabbits. She likes furry and cute animals and enjoys trips to the zoo or aquarium. - Sewing, knitting, and embroidery. She leaned other crafts, thanks to Cute Lovers Club. - Drawing. She has recently explored visual arts, such as figure drawing, and would ask her friends to model for her. - Surfing the internet for craft blogs, recipes, and other things. - Disney movies. - Shoujo manga, and light romance novels - Blue-colored flowers, such as bluebells and forget-me-nots. - Silk dresses and ribbons - Home Economics, Art, Music, Language, and Literature are her favorite subjects. - French macarons, cheesecake, and cream puffs. - Meeting new people and making new friends. - Writing stories.

:bulletblue: Dislikes:
    :new: - People who mess with her (To name a few, Ellistia Alencar, Rebecca Fischer). - People who hurt her friends. - People who leave her behind. - China, only because of the strange, overly exotic food they eat, as explained by Ning. - Her wheelchair. She has recently stopped using it. - Unnecessary fighting, because she is unable to defend herself effectively. - Being helpless, unhappy, and sorry for herself, which she often does. - Her health condition, which prevents her from doing things that normal people do. - Her parents, but only because they are overprotective of her. - Perverts and pickpockets in the train and other public places. - Getting her clothes dirty. - Creme brulče. - Wild dogs. - Mathematics, Science, and Physical Education subjects. - Sports and extreme physical activity. - Being a burden. - The smell of pollution.

:bulletblue: Weapon: Lace Parasol. Bought from an online store, it is handy and useful in hot or cold weather, in shielding incoming attacks, and striking down her foes only when necessary. Her strength can only do so much!
:bulletblue: Cellphone Evoker: She may not look it but she is dependent on her cellphone and laptop, even more since she was enrolled in Higashimori High School. It allows her to stay connected with her friends, especially when she is bored during the formal balls and parties she is forced to attend because of her parents. Her cellphone's default language is French. A teacup charm and a bunny hugging a carrot dangles from it.

:bulletblue: Persona: Giselle

MM Custom Persona: Giselle by lacelazier

The main character from the ballet Giselle ou les Wilis, she is a lovely peasant girl who falls in love with a noble disguised as a peasant. She dies of a broken and physically weak heart upon discovering the fact that he is engaged to another woman, though her spirit saves him from dying at the hands of the Wilis, revengeful spirits of heartbroken women who dance with young men until they die.

This reflects the tragedy of her inner self.

:bulletblue: Skill Set:

Skills derived from ballet terminology and steps. Found online. Customized skills from existing Persona skills.
Because of her inability to physically damage the enemy, she relies on her Persona to do the damage, though she is mostly a support figure, healing her allies.

Pas de deux (Step for Two) - Recovers 4 HP to one ally and 2 HP to self. Can be used in the field. (Rank 5)
Divertissement (Distraction, Enjoyment) - Heals 3 HP to all allies. Can be used in the field. (Rank 5)
Adage (At ease) - SP consumed for Recovery-type Skills are halved (Rank 3)
Elevč (Rise) - Revives an ally with 50% HP. All characters with Down status will stand up. (Rank 4)
En l'air (In the Air) - Increases Wind damage output by 50% (Rank 2)
Pirouette (Turn) - Inflicts a huge amount of Wind damage on one enemy. (Rank 5)
Passč (Pass) - Increases all allies Defense for 3 turns. Decreases the damage received from enemies by 2. (Rank 4)
Bravura (A type of elaborate dance) - Recovers 1.5 SP at the start of your turn. Does not happen on extra turns, counter attacks, or when receiving damage. (Rank 3)

:bulletblue: Personality:


Over the course of many months, Eurydice lost her smile, with most of the naivety she initially stripped away by the pains and realities of life. She became more quiet, shy and reserved to the people she doesn't know, and has a tendency to shut herself from most of the people around her, except for a chosen few who she feel she can actually trust. It is her way of defending herself and her own heart from hurting even more.

Although, she continues to be warm and loving to her friends, especially to Ashley Alencar, though sometimes, not as cheerful as before. She has also awoken to a side of her personality which acts cold and tactless to those who threaten to hurt her and her friends. Because of the people she loved who continue to believe in her no matter what, she developed a firm resolution in her heart to never give up on them, and give up on herself.

Eurydice, Eu/Eury for short, is a friendly girl with a huge curiosity about things which capture her interest. She is simple-minded and mild-mannered, and always has a cheerful, warm smile on her face. At times she is a bit shy around other people, but she makes effort to make friends with the people she meets. She is quite conscious of her state on a wheelchair and gets awkward quite easily when people notice it, and even if it may be hard, she would be very thankful if that fact was ignored. Deep inside her, she just wishes to live normally as possible.

:bulletblue: Strengths: :new:
    - She is good in arts and crafts, and cooking. - She is a refined and ladylike person. - She is a very sisterly person, overprotective and caring. - She is still friendly and civil to the people she first meets, but does not put her trust on them so quickly. - She will do her best in things she can do, as long as her body allows it. - She has a long patience. - She loves to write and is good at articulation -- on paper.

:bulletblue: Weakness: :new:
    - She is shy and timid. - She gets awkward fairly easily. - Her health is a big hindrance to her, and is physically incapable of fighting. Overexerting her body will endanger her life. - She has suicidal tendencies. - She is dependent on others, especially to Ashley Alencar. - She is weak against her parent's will before, but now she can stand up for herself more. - Her own emotions eating her up. - She is prone to self-pity, and blames herself for everything most of the time. - Weather that is too hot. She can stand the cold.

:bulletblue: History :new:

An only child to a corporate executive, and a dedicated housewife (currently involved in art dealing and interior designing, respectively), Eurydice has been sheltered for most of her life because of her heart condition, Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, in which she acquired from birth. Since her parents wanted to make sure she is safe, she was forced to stay at home. Because of her isolation, she immersed herself with hobbies such as writing stories from her imagination, sewing stuffed animals, and watching Disney Princess movies. Her body cannot deal with physical exhaustion, as such will cause her to have trouble breathing.

She was homeschooled until she was 15 years old. By this time, she had been exposed to Asian cultures, thanks to her private tutor who was Japanese, who told her of the many wonders of his country. It was also he who told her of Higashimori High School in Kirimori City, where he graduated himself, and knew that the school would be a perfect environment for her to immerse herself in the culture. At first, her parents were reluctant with the idea, until opportunities for work came up, and the news of the great deal of health care in Kirimori City, the odds were in Eurydice's favor, and her family moved to Japan.

:bulletblue: Trivia:
    - Eurydice's name came from the Greek mythology figure, Eurydice. This reflects her mother's love for mythology. - She goes around the school on her wheelchair, but she is not a cripple. Though injuries on her legs from constant tripping (from trying to walk) is hidden beneath her white leggings. Her wheelchair is powered with a big battery at the back, but if the power runs out, she can push her own wheelchair. She no longer uses it. :new: - Aside from her heart condition, she also has a selective case of albinism, which caused her hair and skin to be pale. - Her major languages involve French and English, knows conversational Japanese (enough to survive in the country), and a few Italian and Portuguese phrases, thanks to the friends she met at school. She retains her French accent whenever she speaks, though. :new: - The necklace she wears is one half of a butterfly pendant, given by Ku Xin. The other half is with Ashley Alencar.

Yay my first secondary character! Hope you guys enjoyed reading!

Character and Art © *lacelazier
Application Sheets (exclusive to MM members) © =BEERINGS and ~MirageV for the Persona sheet.
Thank you ~MirageV for help with the skill set!
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